Asphalt 8 Game hack 2015

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) has announced the nominations for the British Academy Games Awards 2015, which will take place on March 12 in London.
A total of 51 games have been recognized across 17 categories, showing the best games of the last 12 months and highlighting an excellent level of creative excellence. Among all the nominated games highlights Alien: Isolation Leads with six nominations, followed by Far Cry 4 and Monument Valley with five nominations and 80 Days, Destiny, Mario Kart 8 and Middle Earth: Shadow Of Mordor with four nominations each.
However, we would like to focus on those who can play on our smartphones, like Monument Valley, which we have already spoken on the odd occasion.

During the night of March 12, we will follow the ceremony live from Meanwhile, we leave you with the nominated games for mobile, so that you are deciding which are your favorites:
About 80 Days

80 Days is a popular game for Android (for € 3.80) and iOS (for 4.99 €). The game is set in 1872 with a steampunk twist, where his protagonist, Phileas Fogg, has bet you can turn around the world in just eighty days.
We are facing an interactive adventure created by our choices, on the fly, and it will be different every time we play.
80 Days is nominated in the following categories:
British Game
Game Innovation
Mobile & Handheld
Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft

Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft is a free strategy game for Android Tablets and iPad, which embody the hero in a fast paced card game of cunning and strategy. In just a few minutes we will be playing with powerful spell cards and henchmen, and making control of a battlefield in constant evolution.
Hearthstone: Heroes Of Warcraft is nominated in the following categories:
Mobile & Handheld
Game Design
About Hitman Go

Hitman GO is a turn-based strategy game scenarios in the form of models, reproduced with great detail, which embody the Agent 47 to move nimbly through the grid to avoid enemies and achieve our goal to eliminate or infiltrate places well guarded, where we thoroughly ponder each move.
Hitman Go, available for Android and iOS for € 4.49, is nominated in the following categories:
debut Game
Mobile & Handheld
About Monument Valley

In Monument Valley, you must manipulate impossible architecture in the style MC Escher to guide a mysterious princess for a surprising world of incomparable beauty.
It is available for Android (for € 3.59) and iOS (for € 3.99), and also you can download Forgotten Shores, a DLC with eight new episodes of adventure and optical illusions, sold separately for € 1.79 Android and 1.99 € for iOS.
Monument Valley is nominated in the following categories:
Artistic Achievement
Best Game
British Game
Mobile & Handheld
Original Property
About Threes!

Threes! It is a game for smartphone, available for Android (1.68 €) and iOS (for € 1.99), which invites us to explore an infinite challenge from a simple gameplay, to make our minds grow beyond imagination.
Threes! is nominated in the following categories:

Last month at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Obox and W 3D, two designed for playing games Android systems that the company plans to launch Snail Games in China and the USA were presented this year. We have now known sources of MCV that the Chinese company will also enter the European market with Obox in early 2016.

Snail Games is the fifth largest provider of mobile telephony China, and is also the company behind the MMO Age of Wushu, which comprises more than 5.5 million monthly players.

The director of business development at Snail Games USA He said: "We are trying to push the technology in a different way. Video games used to be synonymous with cutting edge technology, but Xbox One and PS4 have been two generations behind in processing data and video and come to be very outdated technology at the end of its useful life. However, Obox allows players to swap components as if it were a PC and even supports video to 4K ".

Sanil Games also showed its hybrid 3D phone W equipped with 8-core processor, 5.5-inch screen, 3D support, a crosshead control, a stick and four buttons. Furthermore, it is fully compatible with the console to function as command, the style PlayStation Vita.

Meanwhile Obox K1 hides a Nvidia Tegra processor, 4GB of RAM and up to 4 terabytes of storage, and three HDMI ports, Internet WI-FI and Lan, and output for 3D graphics and definition 4K. Apparently, the 3D rendering technology Obox games without the title has this specific function.

The price is to be determined, but it is rumored that their cheaper version will be around 99 € and 399 € more expensive. What is certain is that Snail Games launch a series of specific titles for the console when it reaches the market.

In our forum you will find more information on both Obox as the W 3D phone. Thanks Deen0X.